Weekend Getaway: Disney’s Magic Kingdom


I’m convinced, there is no place on earth that is happier than at Walt Disney World. Me and my boyfriend decided to take a trip down to Orlando to revisit our favorite Disney World parks. My favorite is Magic Kingdom, while his is Epcot. So we decided to go for two days (If we must!) and enjoyed our favorite parks together. Oh but, Magic Kingdom really is magical..down to the decorations on Main Street to the Mickey shaped food products all around the park. I was so excited when we got there to notice some of the Christmas decorations were still up! I took a few photos to show you guys just how magical Disney looks.  Since I was a kid, one of my favorite things I’ve done every time I go to Disney is get a chocolate covered Mickey ice-cream bar. I just have to every time I go! It reminds me of my childhood and how at any age you can visit Disney and feel like a kid again, and thats just magical. xx


Here’s some of my favorite travel essentials: 



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