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My favorite way to incorporate a skirt into the winter months is mixing feminine with a bit of edge. I went to private middle and high school where uniforms were strictly enforced, so this outfit was inspired by taking the mundane uniform and turning it on its head. During winter, tights are an obvious must, but try pairing a pleaded skirt with a simple sweater and a statement necklace for a different twist.winter-skirt-tightswinter-skirt

Photos by: Brooke Jones

Jacket (here-similar), Skirt (here-similar), Sweater (here), Booties (here-similar), Necklace (here-similar), Sunglasses (here

Sorry for such the hiatus, I’ve been battling a nasty cold ever since Tuesday night. I honestly haven’t left my apartment since Wednesday afternoon!! I’m going a bit stir crazy and need to get better ASAP. I fact that I don’t need to leave my apartment for three days and can have everything I need delivered to me is insane. I’ve been thinking a lot about the environment of NYC in regards to my future since- I’m graduating in 83 days (OMG slight panic attack!) and I’ve come to terms that I’m yearning for my own space and to be submersed around nature.

I grew up in Florida for eighteen years and I miss the ocean and going on afternoon hikes.  I’m noticing my value of “success” seems to be a bit different than it was my freshman year of college. All this alone time, in my apartment, strictly bed ridden.. for basically three days has got me thinking and reflecting even more on what my next steps are after graduation. And that is, maybe I actually do want a change of scenery. xx


  1. Always go with your gut, so many people go through life thinking they should be happy doing x,y & z. If you are yerning for the ocean and humidity, trust me, success will follow where ever you go.

    1. Thank you so much Emmaly for your sweet and encouraging advice! You just made my day. I couldn’t agree more witch everything you say. Hope you’re enjoying your day! xx

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! A good leather jacket can pull together any oitfit. So glad you stopped by. xx

    1. Thanks, Deasy! Me too-it’s such a fun look to play with. So glad you stopped by & enjoyed it! xx

  2. We love the outfit! It’s classy but at the same time modern and so fashionable!
    We definitely hope you get better soon. And thinking about after graduating is difficult. We don’t know a lot about the real world, and yet have to make big decision. And we often prioritise success over more important stuff. But we think that experience, time and try will help us finding some answer.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so much better now than I was last week. Graduation is approaching fast-I can’t believe it! Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comment. So glad you stopped by & enjoyed it! xx

    1. Thanks, love! So glad you enjoyed it. Casual edge is one of my favorite styles to rock. xx

  3. Alyssa you always look gorgeous! I completely adore your style! I think it’s great that you want to spend time around nature, NYC can be overwhelming sometimes. Last summer I went to a camp not so far from NYC, it’s called Kittatinny Campground. I only spent two nights there but it was so relaxing! It’s right next to a beautiful river and everything was so green and beautiful! You absolutely deserve a break! Hope you had a nice time with your boyfriend and congratulations on almost graduating! btw what are you studying?
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    1. Thank you so much, Ana!! Yes- NYC is a wonderful place, but true nature is something that’s lacking. That campground sounds wonderful! I love hiking and being outside so moving to NYC was a huge culture shock. My boyfriend and I had such a great time-I miss him so much already! We both got super sick the day he left-I like to think it’s because we’re homesick for each other. 🙂 I’m studying business concentrating on entrepreneurship with a minor in fashion studies. The degree drives into a bit of everything, which is part of the reason why I choose to study it! xx

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