Styling 101: Bright Handbags

Welcome to a new series called “Styling 101” where I’ll be sharing current fashion trends that have hit the market. For this week it’s bright handbags…they’re EVERYWHERE! As many of you fashion lovers know, this industry is constantly changing. One day you think you have all the trends down, but then your completely out of the loop. It’s a constant argument between what’s in and what’s out. But is anything really “out of style” if it’s worn right? I argue the point that fashion is all about attitude. If you rock a pair of mom jeans that were totally out  5 years ago and make them look chic– then sudden everyone wants a pair.

The latest trend I’ve noticed in street style is bright handbags with a neutral outfit or even a vivid one if you want to be brave. Here are a few of my favorite photos that inspire me to get a bright yellow Céline bag.

Check out the hottest bright handbags (one of each please!):

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    Keep on writing, great job!

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