End of Summer Floral Dress

End of Summer Floral DressEnd of Summer Floral DressEnd of Summer Floral DressEnd of Summer Floral Dress

This little white dress is my favorite floral dress to end summer with because of the relax, but classy style. I always feel super feminine when I wear this gem. On an unrelated note… I can’t believe it’s already September?! I honestly can’t believe it and that means I’ve lived in the Portland area for over 2 months now. (say whaaat?) Ever since graduating college, time has passed so quickly. It probably has to do with me doing a million things at once..but STILL. With it now being September that means fall is quickly approaching and summer is phasing out. We all know sweater weather is well on it’s way when Starbucks brings back their Pumpkin Spice..everything. So while I still can dresses, shorts and skirts are on rotation in my closet!

This floral dress was one of my favorite finds this summer. I actually found it at Forever21 (Get similar dress here)! I know.. I was surprised as you were. The back V-neck is my favorite part because its the perfect combination between sexy and feminine. I’ve worn this dress countless times to brunch and I always get so many compliments on it. Sometimes you can find hidden gems at Forever21.

End of Summer Floral DressEnd of Summer Floral DressEnd of Summer Floral Dress
pink reflective sunnies


    1. Thanks, Catherine!! That is so sweet of you to say! I love Boston, crazy that it’s already getting cold there. So glad you enjoyed the post! xx

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