Styling 101: Velvet Is Back In 2016

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Styling 101: Velvet Is Back In 2016

Hailey Baldwin rocks a army green velvet dress with leather ankle boots for an effortless chic style. ImageSource: @PopSugar

Styling 101: Velvet Is Back In 2016

Create your own velvet jumpsuit by pairing a velvet blazer with pants and viola!

Styling 101: Velvet Is Back In 2016

Opt for loose fitted and high waisted velvet trousers for a sophisticated look. Don't forget the token belt!

Styling 101: Velvet Is Back In 2016

Chiara Ferragni knows how to style navy blue velvet boots to make everyone gauge over them!

Styling 101: Velvet Is Back In 2016

Take a risk and rock a solid velvet suit, but make sure to break up the outfit with a hat or solid shoes..or both.

Styling 101: Velvet Is Back In 2016

Black velvet with tan. Enough said.

Styling 101: Velvet Is Back In 2016

Try a fresh take on velvet by pairing it with overalls an a white turtle neck. Chic casual at its finest

Styling 101: Velvet Is Back In 2016

With a statement belt the velvet jumper becomes an accessory.

During the London and Milan runway shows one trend kept reoccurring in designers collections: velvet. Designers like Emilio Pucci, Costume National, and Luisa Beccaria who explored the velvet trend on the runway. You may be thinking velvet is too dated to rock in the 21st century, but this style has evolved beyond the mundane leggings and skirts. Today you can find velvet jumpsuits, crop tops, evening gowns, jackets, dresses and stunning blazers.

You may be would you even go about styling this tricky trend? It can either go really well or oh so bad. So first, only wear on item of velvet at a time (unless you’re wearing a jumpsuit). There is no need to pair a velvet dress with velvet shoes. Keep it simple when you choose to rock this trend.

Second, stick with darker shades of velvet, such as: deep maroon, black or midnight blue. These shades give off an instant sophisticated appearance rather than a lighter shade.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to accessories your velvet ensemble. For instance, a low cut neckline calls for delicate layered silver/gold necklace. Where as a high neckline should be worn with statement earrings. With all this being said, check out how these street style stars rock the velvet trend. I’m defiantly on the look out for the perfect velvet blazer now! x



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