Product of the Moment: Blush Pink and Marble Phone Case

Marble and blush pink are this moments “must haves” in everything. From iPhone case to the beauty brand Glossier, these two trends have become everyones obsessions. I want to introduce you guys to a iPhone and laptop custom case company called CaseApp. This company allows you to create your own iPhone or laptop case right at your finger tips (here)! All you have to do is upload your own file design and voila! Or if you rather choose from a range of trendy design they offer that option as well (here). I favored the customization option and designed this simple white marble case with a swipe of blush pink. I adore this case for its minimalist look. If you’ve been looking for a site to get an unique iPhone or laptop case look no further, check out Caseapp. xx

    1. Thanks, Violette! If you want 20% off any case with this company Caseapp–use code: FASHIONSENSORED20. xx

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