Welcome to Fashion Sensored!

A look in the fashion lifestyle of a 22 year old NYC college graduate who packed her bags and moved to the west coast. Portland, Oregon to be exact.

The purpose of this blog is an outlet for me to share and express all things interesting. As a recent graduate, at Marymount Manhattan College, I studied Business with a minor in Fashion Marketing/Entrepreneurship. I realized my mutual love for both writing and fashion during my Fall 2015 semester when I created this blog.  

Shortly after, I landed an internship at Harper’s Bazaar in the ShopBAZAAR department where I was exposed to the beauty of fashion journalism mixed with e-commerce. I founded Fashion Sensored as a way to document the things I love and inspire me in my day to day life. I’m currently the Marketing Manager for Pine Crest Fabrics, Inc.— a wholesale performance fabric wear company who supplies to Adidas, Manhattan Beachwear, Disney, etc.

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