Best answer: How do I prepare for a keratin lash Lift?

What should I do before my lash lift?

Preparing for your lash lift appointment

  • Remove all eye makeup, contact lenses, and false eyelashes before your appointment.
  • Avoid curling your natural lashes for at least 24 hours prior to treatment.
  • Stop using waterproof mascara 48 hours before your procedure since it leaves behind unwanted residue.

What can you not do after a Keratin Lash Lift?


  • Be gentle with your lashes; no rubbing.
  • Do not get your lashes wet for the first 24 hrs.
  • Do not use harsh products on your eyes/lashes.
  • Use of Sauna/Steam is possible after 24hrs but may weaken the effect of the lift.
  • No eye make up for 24 hours.
  • Avoid waterproof mascara’s.

What can I expect from a keratin lash lift?

A keratin lash lift treatment can take around 45 to 60 minutes where you will be required to keep your eyes closed during the entire process. The lash lift beauty technician will apply the keratin formula on your eyelashes and then lift, separate, and curl them upwards along the silicone pads.

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Can you use mascara with keratin lash lift?

You can wear eye makeup and mascara but avoid waterproof formulas. “While using mascara isn’t necessary if you want to enhance your lift, sticking to water-based mascaras are the best option,” Ocot says. Water-proof eye makeup can weaken the effect of your lift and leave a residue.

What should you not do before eyelash lift?


  • Come to your appointment without any eye makeup. …
  • Avoid using waterproof mascara 2-3 days prior as it can leave a residue that may prevent lashes from adhering properly.
  • Avoid using sunscreens or moisturizers prior to your appointment.
  • Don’t curl your lashes prior to your appointment.

Should I curl my lashes before a lash lift?

Any residue of makeup will prevent proper application of the extensions. DO NOT curl your lashes before your appointment.

Can I wash my face after Keratin lash Lift?

You must wait 24 hours after a lift and tint to shower. We use 24 hours as a buffer time to allow the lashes to set properly and avoid any issues with the lift. After the 24 hours waiting period you can wash your face and lashes like normal.

Can I brush my lashes after a lash lift?

Do not get the lashes wet or use product on them for 24 hours after treatment. … Gently brush your lashes daily with a lash brush. Use a mineral mascara with natural fibres for the best finish.

How long does a keratin lash lift last?

Keratin Lash Lifts generally last 6-8 weeks (based on typical hair growth).

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How often can you get keratin lash Lift?

A Keratin Lash Lift can last 4-6 weeks but can vary from person to person. There is no need for any maintenance appointments in between but you will need to have the process repeated every 4 weeks to lift the new hair growth.

Is a keratin lash lift good?

A Keratin Lash Lift is great because it boosts our look and has lots of other advantages that other services may not have. Let’s check out the pros. It enhances your natural beauty. There’s no need to use a ton of makeup after a lash lift because your lashes will organically appear longer and fuller.

What’s the difference between lash lift and keratin lash Lift?

It is similar to a lash lift, but your natural eyelashes are lifted up and packed with a special pigment infusion. … Not only is keratin lash lift modest but it also lasts longer than the usual lash extensions while also giving you a more natural look.

How long does it take to get a keratin lash lift?

On average, the entire process—which usually includes a lash tint in addition to the lift—lasts between 45 minutes to an hour. Your keratin lash lift will be performed by an esthetician or lash specialist (I had mine done by Tina at Envious Lashes).

How do you sleep with a lash lift?

Lash lift aftercare is easy

In terms of sleeping, you need to try your best to sleep on your back so your lashes don’t get stuck in one position against your pillow. After 48 hours, your lashes should be set completely, meaning there’s nowhere near as many restrictions on what you can and can’t do.

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Can I wear eyeliner after lash lift?

Can I Wear Eyeliner after Lash Lift? Yes, but also 48 hours after the treatment.