Can I self tan after laser hair removal?

You should wait 1-2 weeks after a laser hair removal treatment session before using fake tan. It is highly recommended, as would also be advised by your dermatologist to wait at least 1-2 weeks after a hair removal laser treatment session before using fake tan.

Can you fake tan after laser hair removal?

Fake tanning season has passed (for the most part)

Clients should not use spray tans or tanning moisturisers for a minimum of 2 weeks before and after your laser hair removal treatment. If you do use fake tan, please ensure any remnants are completely exfoliated and removed prior to treatment.

How many days after laser can I self tan?

How long after your laser session do you have to wait before applying fake tan? We would recommend you wait at least 4-5 days before applying fake tan to your treatment area. Please ensure skin has completely calmed down before using fake tan.

What happens if I tan after laser hair removal?

After Laser Hair Removal

Remember that even if your skin does not look tanned, it is still being exposed to UV rays.

Why can’t I tan after laser hair removal?

Following a laser hair removal procedure, you do need to avoid the sun for at least 7-10 days – otherwise, you risk the chance of pigment problems in the treatment areas and other adverse events such as a heat rash.

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Can you go tanning before laser hair removal?

You should also avoid tanning beds for at least six weeks prior to your treatment, and several weeks after. If you have recently been exposed to sunlight or tanning beds, the risk of burning, scarring, or skin damage during laser hair removal increases and can put you at unnecessary risk.

Can I use self tanner after IPL?

It’s important to know that in the eyes of the laser and IPL, fake tans are no different than tanning from the sun. If you know you’re going to tan or be in the sun, it’s best to wait 4-6 weeks after tanning to have a procedure in order to make sure the tan is gone.