Is RevitaLash safe to use with eyelash extensions?

Yes. RevitaLash® Advanced Eyelash Conditioner is safe fore use with eyelash extensions or false eyelashes, and can actually help retain the health and beauty of your natural lashes, helping to minimize the damaging effects often seen with the prolonged use of lash extensions.

Can you use lash serum when you have eyelash extensions?

Lash serums can be safely used with eyelash extensions. Eyelash extension wearers should apply the lash serum along the root of the lash line just as you would with a liquid eyeliner. Mascara applicators should be avoided as they would coat the entire lash and make volume extensions clump together.

What products should you not use with eyelash extensions?

10 things to avoid when wearing lash extensions

  • Mascara. …
  • Make up. …
  • Eyeliner. …
  • Make up remover. …
  • Baby wipes and Cotton pads. …
  • Moisturiser and anti wrinkle creams. …
  • Hair conditioner. …
  • Baby shampoo.

Can RevitaLash cause eyelashes to fall out?

What’s a lash stimulator? Products like Latisse and Revitalash are considered lash stimulators. They are fantastic products, but do cause your lashes to fall out more quickly because they speed up the growth cycle of your natural lashes.

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What is the safest eyelash growth serum?

Experts point out that the prescription eyelash growth gel Latisse is the only FDA-approved treatment for hypotrichosis (inadequate lashes). “The active ingredient is a prostaglandin called bimatoprost,” says William Kwan, MD, a San Francisco-based dermatologist, adding that the formula is safe for all skin types.

How do you keep your eyelashes healthy with extensions?

Healthy Lashes and Long Lasting Extensions

  1. Don’t overdo the mascara. Only apply non-waterproof mascara to the ends of your lashes and clean them, if not in the shower, with a q-tip and some makeup remover that is not oil based. …
  2. Check for ingredients. …
  3. Be soft on them. …
  4. Healthy lashes need t.l.c.

Does RevitaLash have side effects?

Reported RevitaLash Side Effects

These include eye irritation, swelling, or redness, along with some other things to consider, such as darkened skin around the eye area or weak, stiff eyelashes. A small percentage of users have reported change in eye color, or even blurred vision.

Can I use RevitaLash with lash lift?

Yes! RevitaLash Advanced is safe for use after a keratin lash lift treatment and can produce some pretty amazing results when coupled together. You should wait two days after the treatment to resume using your RevitaLash Advanced, however we do recommend first consulting with your lash artist just to be sure.

Should you use RevitaLash at night?

When to Apply Revitalash Serum

You can choose to apply Revitalash in the morning or the evening. The important point to note on this is that you should only apply Revitalash once a day. Do not be tempted to apply it more than once as it is a strong product and once really is enough for optimum results.

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What cleanser can you use with eyelash extensions?

Best cleansers to use with lash extensions

  1. Chrissanthie Foam Cleanser. Made specifically for lash extensions, this foam cleanser is infused with a tea tree formula to gently remove dirt from the eyelids and lashes. …
  2. Chrissanthie Gel Cleanser. …
  3. Prolong Concentrate.

Are lash serums bad for you?

What are the risks of using eyelash serums? There can be risks associated with lash boosting products, including: Allergic reaction to ingredients. Unwanted hair growth on spots other than the lash line where serum has made contact.

Do eyelash extensions ruin your eyelashes?

Eyelash extensions do not damage your eyelashes when they are applied properly. To prevent damaging natural lashes, lash extensions should be carefully selected (length and thickness) and applied correctly to one natural eyelash at the time.

Can you put RevitaLash on your brows?

Adding an eyelash or eyebrow serum like RevitaLash® Advanced and RevitaBrow® Advanced to your daily routine only takes a few seconds and yields fabulous results to your natural lashes and brows; they’ll be stronger, healthier, more beautiful-looking, and ready to hold up to the days when you might forget to wash your …

Can you apply RevitaLash twice a day?

Revitalash naturally causes your lashes to grow longer and thicker quickly. We recommend applying twice a day along the top lash line until you notice that your eyelashes are longer. Once you see that your lashes are longer, start applying once a day.