Question: How long can you wear Kiss Falscara lashes?

Super easy to apply, Falscara wisps are reusable up to 3 times, and wearable for a day or up to 10 days. Petite Volume Wisps Multipack – Coming Back Soon!!! Extra Drama Wisps Multipack – Coming Back Soon!!!

How long can you wear Falscara lashes?

Whereas Lashify lashes are single-use (but can be kept on for up to seven days), Falscara can be reused up to three times (but you take them off at the end of each day).

Can you sleep in Falscara?

Our Falscara is meant to be worn for the day and taken off before bed, we don’t recommend sleeping in them. The wisps can be reused up to 3 or 4 times 🙂 STUNNING Megan!

How long do kiss lashes last?

KISS Lash Couture LuXtension Collection 3D DIY Faux Lash Extensions Kit with individual lash clusters. Semi-Permanent Adhesive-lashes stay on for up to 2 weeks–like real extensions!

How do you remove Kiss Falscara?


Saturate a cotton pad with Falscara REMOVER or oil-free makeup remover. Place pad over eyes for 10 seconds, then gently wipe or peel off WISPS and BOND & SEAL.

What does the Falscara overnighter do?

Overnighter is an option for extended wear of WISPS, with stronger hold up to 10 days. Use with WISPS you place under your natural lashes for an amazingly natural look, BOND to prep lashes, SEAL to locks WISPS in place for all-day wear, APPLICATOR for optimal WISP placement.

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Can you wear mascara with Falscara?

You can wear these up to a week if you keep them clean. I’d suggest only putting the adhesive to the lower part of your lashes, no mascara on after, vitamin seal only on base again once applied and then squeeze gently along your eyelid with clean fingers to bond better and seal edges.

Can you stack Falscara lashes?

Falscara has less than 10 styles. With both brands, you can stack tge lashes to create your own style.