Which is more effective oral or topical minoxidil?

The only head to head study comparing oral minoxidil to topical minoxidil in women with Female Pattern Hair Loss showed that 1mg of minoxidil gave comparable effects to 5% solution (1ml) once a day (Ramos et al 2020). In this study 26 women received oral minoxidil and 26 women received topical minoxidil.

Does oral minoxidil work better than topical?

Conclusion: Oral minoxidil was found to be an effective and well-tolerated treatment alternative for healthy patients having difficulty with topical formulations.

Which form of minoxidil is more effective?

The foam and liquid versions of minoxidil are both effective at treating hair loss and stimulating hair growth. Because the foam version of minoxidil doesn’t contain any propylene glycol, it may be a better choice if you often experience irritation, redness or other side effects from the liquid version of minoxidil.

Which minoxidil is best for hair regrowth?

Minoxidil is the only drug which is FDA-approved to treat female pattern baldness. It works by prolonging the growth phase of the hair follicles, Yang says. It’s recommended that women use minoxidil 2%, while men can use the 5% formula.

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Does oral minoxidil make hair thicker?

Less common or rare. This medicine causes a temporary increase in hair growth in most people. Hair may grow longer and darker in both men and women. This may first be noticed on the face several weeks after you start taking minoxidil.

Do doctors prescribe oral minoxidil?

Over-The-Counter and Prescription Options

Doctors may also prescribe oral minoxidil (which is not available over the counter) for a variety of reasons, including adverse reactions to the topical version.

When does oral minoxidil start working?

Minoxidil starts working immediately. However, you should expect to wait between three and six months before you see its visible results. That’s because that’s the time it takes for your hair follicles to return to the anagen phase of hair growth.

Is Oral minoxidil safe?

The study concludes that a 5 mg dose of oral minoxidil presented “an acceptable safety profile.” However, adverse effects were seen in 30% of patients, including hypertrichosis and lower limb edema. It is unclear if patients were evaluated for tachycardia or EKG changes.

Does HIMS minoxidil work?

Does minoxidil work? Minoxidil is proven to effectively treat hair thinning and balding. Specifically, minoxidil has been shown to increase hair count on the scalp after 3-4 months of use, and in post-marketing studies 94% of men rate the treatment as effective to some degree.

What is the success rate of minoxidil?

A study of 11,000 people who used the topical application for at least 1 year found that 92% said Rogaine achieved fair to excellent results for slowing or stopping hair loss. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) initially approved an over-the-counter formula that contained a 2% solution of minoxidil.

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Does Minoxidil work on frontal baldness?

Can Minoxidil Work on Frontal Baldness? Although minoxidil can cause hair to grow anywhere, it is least effective on frontal baldness. Many users do not experience satisfactory improvements to their frontal baldness from using minoxidil.

Why Minoxidil is bad?

Topical Minoxidil preparations cause a rash, irritation or allergy. There is a lack of any benefit from topical Minoxidil after 6 months of diligent use. Topical Minoxidil causes poor hair texture – sometimes Minoxidil can cause dry, tangled hair that is prone to breakage.

Is oral minoxidil safe for long term use?

Conclusion. Oral minoxidil at a dose of 5 mg once daily significantly increased hair growth in men with AGA after 12 and 24 weeks of treatment. This medication is widely available as 5 mg tablets, is inexpensive, and can be considered safe in healthy subjects, with minor side effects of hypertrichosis and pedal edema.

Is 5mg oral minoxidil safe?

Conclusions: Oral minoxidil 5 mg daily significantly enhances hair growth and restoration in men with AGA. It is considerably safe with minor side effects of hypertrichosis and pedal edema. However, much caution is required in those with severe hypertension and cardiovascular risk.

What happens if I stop taking oral minoxidil?

If you stop taking it suddenly: Your high blood pressure can rebound (get high again quickly). This may increase your chance for a heart attack or stroke. Do not stop taking minoxidil or any other high blood pressure medication without talking to your doctor.